Saturday, February 19, 2005

Change Of Graphics Card(s) !

Also, from my real Dad ( he's great ), I got a A8N-SLi Deluxe Mobo !!!
So, now have I have 2 Pci-express 16x slots, I'm going to get an X850 XT PE, and possibly later, with of course, liquid cooling,
DUAL 6800 ULTRAS !!!

Thanks To Tyler, If you've read this, than you know the powerI wield !

...uh, A little cough there * COUGH COUGH *

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Today Is My Birthday !

It's Feb. 17 and its my birthday

Well, today is my birthday and I'm getting a HIS X800 XT PE ( 520 core / 1,120 memory ). So much power ! I can't wait it too ship.

Anyway, Ted has been acting unusal, as in NOT gay.
I'm surprised.

AMD 64-Bit 3800+

180 gb HDD

1gb of RAM ( I'm getting another 512mb stick, possibly this weekend )

DVD-/+ R/RW and 40x CD-R/RW ( Bay 1 )
DVD -ROM - But I intend to get a 52x CD-RW ( Bay 2 )
Virtual Drive
Multi - Flash Media Ports

nVidia 5700 piece o' crap ( But Soon That Will Change >= } )

God, I can''t wait for my X800 XT PE...